GOOD HARBOR SPECIAL   Two eggs any style, choice of bacon, sausage or ham with one of our very large multi grain pancakes instead of toast.   $11.25

BIG BEAR BREAKFAST   Three eggs any style, bacon, sausage and breakfast redskins, served in a skillet, topped with melted cheese and cracked wheat, rye or sourdough toast.   $12

GREEK HASH Potatoes sautéed with olives, spinach, onions, garlic and tomatoes, topped with two eggs any style and feta cheese. Your choice of seven grain, sourdough or rye toast . $11.5

GOOD HARBOR COMBINATION   Two eggs any style with breakfast redskins and choice of bacon, sausage or ham, with cracked wheat, rye or sourdough toast.   $10.25

 MINI COMBO   One egg any style with redskin potatoes and a smaller portion of bacon, sausage or ham with cracked wheat, sourdough or rye toast.   $8

EGGS ANY STYLE   One egg and Toast.   $5         Two eggs and Toast.   $5.50         Three eggs and Toast   $6.25         Two eggs any style, sausage, bacon or ham and Toast.   $8

Featuring Michigan eggs: local, pastured and GMO free.  Breakfast meats also include: TURKEY BACON, CHICKEN SAUSAGE, CHORIZO PATTIES and VEGETARIAN SAUSAGE PATTIES.

Eggs may be cooked to order.  Notice: Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.


CRAB CAKE BENEDICT   Poached egg atop a rich and meaty Maryland crab cake on an English muffin, topped with Hollandaise sauce and fresh basil, served with fresh fruit.   Single $11   Double $16.50

EGGS BENEDICT   Two poached eggs and grilled old fashioned ham on an English muffin, topped with Hollandaise sauce, served with fresh fruit.   $11.25

VEGETARIAN EGGS BENEDICT   Two poached eggs and slices of grilled tomato on an English muffin, topped with Hollandaise sauce, served with fresh fruit.   $10

CHORIZO BENEDICT   Two poached eggs and chorizo sausage patties on an English muffin, topped with Hollandaise sauce and served with fresh fruit.   $11.25


WESTERN   Diced ham, onion, red and green peppers and tomato.   $10.25

GERMAN   Sausage, breakfast redskins and sour cream.   $10.50

HAM AND CHEESE   Diced old fashioned ham and cheddar cheese.   $10

GREEK   Seasoned mix of spinach, tomatoes, olives & Feta cheese.   $10.50

BACON   Onion, bacon and cheddar jack cheese.   $9.50


TOMATO BASIL   Fresh basil, diced tomato and Feta cheese.   $10.50

VEGETARIAN   Tomato, onion, peppers, spinach, sesame-soy seasoning.   $10.25

SANTA FE   Red and green peppers, onion, ham & cheese with salsa.    $10.50

SHITAKE   Red & green peppers, fresh spinach and shitake mushrooms.   $10.25

VERMONT   Bacon, tart apple and sharp white cheddar.   $10.50


EGG WHITE omelette or scramble, add $1.50

Substitute GLUTEN-FREE BREAD for any breakfast   $1.75

Add seasoned REDSKIN POTATOES to any omelette or scramble   $3.50


PANCAKES   Good Harbor blend: very large, tasty multi-grain cakes with lots of oat bran, served with butter and syrup.   Double stack $8   Single $4.50

Blueberry, cherry or golden raisin cakes.   Double stack $9.50   Single $5.75

French Toast Classic, house made Cinnamon French Toast, dipped in eggs and milk. Seared until golden brown, topped with strawberries. $8

BELGIAN WAFFLE   Rich with eggs and butter, served with butter and syrup.   $8  

Topped with fresh fruit and whipped cream.   $10.50

LOCAL  MAPLE SYRUP   4 oz. pitcher   $3.75


FRESH BAKED GOOD HARBOR COFFEE CAKE   Our own cherry-cinnamon coffee cake, rich and delicious with Michigan dried cherries.  A generous portion $6   Whole coffee cakes available for take out $19

OATMEAL   We feature Prairie Star Organic Rolled Oats, slow cooked every morning, served with brown sugar and golden raisins.   $6

GRANOLA   Cherry Nut Granola, Crooked Tree Bakery, Petoskey   $6.25   Add soymilk   $1.75

FOR KIDS AT HEART   Cheerios or Froot Loops   $3.50         French toast sticks with syrup   $5  

BREAKFAST SANDWICH   Make your own English muffin sandwich filled with scrambled egg, cheddar cheese, and your choice of meat.   $8

BREAKFAST BREADS   Cracked wheat, sunflower rye or sourdough toast   $2.50         English muffin   $2.50         Toasted bagel   $2.75         Bagel with cream cheese   $3.75

SIDE OF MEAT   Link sausage, bacon or turkey bacon, old fashioned ham, vegetarian sausage, chorizo or chicken sausage patties   $5.25

FRESH FRUIT   Cup $4         Bowl $5.50


COFFEE   Our own blend from Higher Grounds: fair trade, organic and brewed with filtered Northern Michigan water.   $2.75

ESPRESSO   Single $3      Double $3.50 CAPPUCCINO   Single $3.50      Double $4

HOT COCOA   Topped with whipped cream   $3.25

UNSWEETENED ICED TEA   Freshly brewed black tea   $2.50

POT OF HOT TEA   Loose leaf tea from Great Lakes Tea & Spice Co: Penninsula Red Rooibos, Aurora Borealis Botanical Blend, Irish Breakfast Blend, or Earl Grey. $4.25      Japanese Sencha Green $5

JUICES   Orange, cranberry, apple, V-8, lemonade.   Large $3.75      Small $2.75

MILK   2%, chocolate, or soy.   Large $3.75      Small $2.75