Our Story


Ann Derrick and Brendan Burrows bought the place back in 1991 after years of cruising on their sailboat and remade it in the image of what they wanted in every good harbor: fresh bread, fresh vegetables and salad, something interesting and just plain good to eat. In other words, the kind of place we all want to find when traveling. After 25 years at the helm, they decided to pass the business on to the next generation of ownership. Their son, Cos Burrows, and longtime employee, Cady Hall, plan to carry on the same traditions of fresh, local ingredients and welcoming nautical atmosphere, albeit with a few new updates. The neighboring Pine Cone ice cream shop is still going strong, but will be gaining an adjoining bakery in place of the Glen Arbor Botanicals gallery. The remaining antique botanical prints are still hanging and up for sale should you be looking to add to your collection of lithographs or woodblocks.